Things turned out a little different (2016)

Things turned out a little different (2016)

This is a song that we recorded in Sonic in Dublin in October 2016. It’s a tune about how life sometimes works out differently than you thought it would. Lyrics are below, some are alternative lyrics I toyed with and haven’t taken out, as with all my songs, the actual lyrics in it might not match what’s written down!

Open eyes to another day
turn beside me wanna see your face
to know I’m not dreaming
and it’s you
the angel that I wake up to

Hold this hand, and look my way
please understand that in this place
we are free,
as we can be
the world flows on past you and me

[Then] it all turned out a little different
than I thought it would.
Things turned out a little different
than I thought they would.

Life is good but luck can change
change it does every passing day
a thing once bright now
is only a glow
a once big river
no longer flows

Mountains fall, time passes by
a love runs out
and it doesn’t revive (alt lyr: like a river run dry)
Making sense,
is hard to
And it’s hard to make much of anything when I’m around you
[making a future
is kinda hard around you…]


Bridge: Passing time… goes on by….

Time is cruel, cruel and unfair
dark gives way to more grey hair
it’s a life of work
a life of toil
half the time I wonderin’
what I’m doin’ it for

And I’m still here, like a fool I stay
When the better part of me is saying
’up and away’
[when the better part of sense
is tellin’ me walk away]
but it’s a tricky thing
to try and figure out
when it isn’t just me I gotta worry about


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