Too many songs and not much done

Too many songs and not much done

I have been writing songs since I was 17, I reckon there are about 300 of them penned at this stage. They are in different levels of completion, many are just on chorus one verse and need a lot more work. There are others that are completed.

I recorded an album in 2007 with Mark Reddy in Malahide, that is collecting dust, my 2014 album is doing the same and I’m hoping that my 2016 one breaks the mold by at least getting heard by more than three people.

Apart from this I still write for a few newspapers, keep a day job in a company I founded and help to manage since 2004, I have three children, a great wife, a mortgage and all the other usual things that keep people busy. I have written a few chapters in different published books, co-wrote a finance book in 2015 and am working on three other projects at the moment too.

The bands I play in at the moment are the Tin Box Company which is a bluegrass act, The Louisiana 6 which is a skiffle group, I sub in for either guitar or bass with the Sarah May Rogers band (I am the fourth member of a trio) and then whoever needs whatever, I’ll do that too!

I am hoping that 2016 and 2017 are the years I finally get the finger out. I have been putting off doing something with my songs for too long, part out of fear, part out of being too busy with other things. So let me know what you think be it good or bad feedback as I post the tunes up.



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