Can’t find my way

Can’t find my way

Here’s a song from about 12 years ago called ‘can’t find my way’ I recorded it at Mark Reddy’s studio back in 2007.
Simon Farrell is playing bass, I’m doing singing and guitars, David Lawless is on drums and Anne Marie Redmond on backing vocals.


City lights, faded dreams, misty, as the morning brings
A place crowded and yet… so lonely
Then I stop to think of you. Sky is turning black to blue
And I do know in you. I will find my peace.

A face beside me I awake, and feel beside an empty space
How is it this world can keep on turning?
Over crowded city streets, an over crowded sky that weeps.
Its rain is like my tears of mourning…

I wanted to escape, so I pushed you away
It was my greatest mistake, now I can’t
Find my way… find my way.

I reached for you and touched your hand,
The promise of a distant land
Though it glitters, there is no gold and so
I become a waking dream, quiet words I tried to sing
No one ever hears me when, it gets lonely.

Your name is whispered in the air, kept a locket of your hair,
Tired but afraid to sleep, because you’re in every dream
Wired awake, watch t.v., the caffeine crutches carry me
In the small hours when, I can find no peace.

No return post no call back, when I started should have turned back.
Just keep swinging, one day you’ll hit something.
But you can’t break your hand on air, and I won’t stay if you don’t care.
Why such a bad day, When its so sunny?

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