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‘Rebecca’ played by the Tin Box Company

‘Rebecca’ played by the Tin Box Company

This tune is called ‘Rebecca’ and it’s by Herschel Sizemore. It’s an interesting one as it’s keyed in B (you find Bb more in bluegrass) and the structure of the song is a little different than the usual AA/BB too.

This is the unedited version which is just a zoom recorder placed near the speaker.

I tried a more melodic approach on the first guitar solo (c. 30 seconds in) which folds back on itself and moves through the chord before getting a bit more blues oriented. Sadly I never had mastered the ability to do this at the speed of though/live music and correctly.

The second break coming up to 3:00 is more along the lines of what I would call ‘my sound’ which is more chromatic oriented and a bit jumped up (also reliably full of mistakes as always!). It’s fun to play at least 😉